eric-scott-2000I was born an only child in Salt Lake City, Utah, where I grew up in a trailer park that my parents owned and operated. I spent most of my time playing in a near by field building forts and jumps for my bike. My parents enjoyed the outdoors and spent time camping, hiking and had me on skis at the early age of three. As I got older my sense of adventure grew and I began taking road trips around the west.

After high school I enrolled at the University of Utah to study fine art. I majored in painting, but also taught myself photography and graphic art so I could create my own promotional materials for my artistic endeavors. I kept a studio outside of school and began showing my work. During this period I took my first trip to Europe, visiting England, France, and Belgium. I also, continued to travel around the western United States as much as possible.

I moved to New York august 30th of 2001 to attend graduate school for painting at Pratt Institute. In addition to painting I took a class in web design and then continued to learn different programming languages on my own.

Currently, I live and work in New York City, as a freelance web designer and music composer. I still have the love for the outdoors my parents instilled in me. I take frequent backpacking trips, and am a avid runner that spends hours every week running along Kent Avenue.

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