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Nellim, Finland

07 Jan 2013

Our ride.

The quietness of the Nellim Wilderness Area reminded me of the quietness of the desert. That absolute lack of sound which has the ostensible effect of suspending all movement and creating a complete psychological stillness which is also accompanied by the physical sensation of a certain change in air pressure surrounding the body. It’s the perfect state of being when waiting for the ephemeral, but also a bit dangerous as the mercury begins to fall toward -25℉, and you’re not noticing the pain because of the peace. But, at this time of year, cold means clear skies, and we were lucky enough to suffer through a few cold nights staring heavenward on frozen Lake Inari.

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Tallinn, Estonia

06 Jan 2013

Photography by Eric Scott and Marcy Milks

We did a whirlwind day and a half in Tallinn. One of which was New Year’s Eve. Let me say that Estonia doesn’t cheap out on the fire works. I think they started at around 6:00pm December 31st, and were still going when we left for the airport at 6:00am January 1st. They also don’t think it’s a priority to have the fireworks very high above the spectators head. Maybe they could afford the quantity by saving on the rocket fuel. Either way no one got hurt, and we had a great end to our year.

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Paris, France

28 Dec 2011

Photograph by Eric Scott

So Paris! Paris has three governing colors: orange, blue and grey. When Paris is grey, it’s grey as if the entire color spectrum had been eliminated from existence, but when there are blue skies shining over head, they vibrate with the yellow orange of the buildings, and every other color becomes an accent against the dominant, reflecting it’s light that much stronger. It sometimes seems that the people here are ruled by the same ambit of Parisian tones. They push and bark, encapsulated in a begrudging prism reluctant to demonstrate the different facets of their characters, but the prism is fragile and easily shattered, spilling brightly hued personalities on every surface. Personalities that have retained a good deal of their humanity in the face of the ever growing global hysteria. Maybe we have just been lucky, or maybe we are just in tune with Paris?

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Berlin, Germany

12 Oct 2011

Photograph by Eric Scott

I was sitting in the Berlin Documentation Center, watching footage of people charge through barbed wire to escape from East Germany when the wall was being erected, thinking about the desperation and oppression that would cause a human to ignore their own safety and potential loss of life. All I have experienced moving to different countries is seeming endless bureaucratic nonsense, manifested in mounds of paperwork and lengthy phone calls, and although I sometimes get the notion that running through barbed wire would be welcome as long as there is some relief in the end, I continue filling out the paperwork and making the calls. Maybe I would be willing to take more risk if I could see an actual enemy. Instead I have to deal with people just like me—probably similar upbringing, fairly educated and with a moderate income. It just begs the question, why would I do this to myself?

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Nice, France

18 Sep 2011

Photograph by Eric Scott

Our ten weeks in Nice was the first time in a long while that I was completely happy with what I was doing. I wasn’t helping anyone sell an idea that I didn’t believe in, and I wasn’t occupied with busy work. I was learning—learning how to communicate and how to teach others to communicate. The rest of my time was occupied with new friends, the Mediterranean and living cheaply and simply.

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