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Barcelona, Spain

09 Oct 2008

Photograph by Eric Scott

Traveling in Spain for me was like a second coming of age. Barcelona embodies all the confusion, passion, spontaneity, creativity and uncertainty that make the pubescent mind so wonderful and frightening. It is a combination of dissipation and focus with a lack of experience to distinguish the two, which gives its diverse residents youth and optimism.

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Vatnajökull Glacier

05 Aug 2008

Photography by Marcy Milks and Eric Scott

Iceland earns its handle, “the land of fire and ice”, nowhere better than Vatnajökull Glacier. Every inch of landscape on this stretch of Iceland’s southern coast shows signs of millions of years of abuse and upheaval. The glacier seems to be sitting quietly, revealing itself through the massive fissures it has created in the volcanic mountains. Vast fields of black sand, caused by volcanoes erupting underneath the glacier are a reminder of floods rivaling the flow of the Amazon that have laid waste to lichen covered plains. Around the base of the glacier large inland lakes form floating icebergs thousands of years old.

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Egilsstaðir, Iceland

30 May 2008

Photography by Marcy Milks and Eric Scott

Egilsstaðir is located on Iceland’s east coast. The town and the surrounding area are home to some of Iceland’s most beautiful landscapes. The town was established in 1947 as a service center for the region. It has grown a great deal over the years and is now the largest city on the east end of the island.

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