South America Posts

Georgetown, Guyana

31 Aug 2008

Photograph by Eric Scott

So the story is this. I was hired to production design a Bollywood movie in Georgetown, Guyana. I was given numerous signs that taking this assignment was a bad decision. Before I left NY almost the entire crew quit because of the insane ramblings of our very proud Indian director. The script was terrible, I won’t go into detail, but I did have make my first trip into peep world to buy a dildo, which was to be used as a prop in a scene where a penis transplant is taking place and somehow a cat enters the operating room, steals the removed phallice and runs out of the hospital. Anyway, my assistant, Dave, and I decided to stay with the production, because we wanted to go to Guyana.

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Shanklands: Rainforest Eco-Resort, Guyana

06 May 2008

Photographs by Eric Scott and Marcy Milks

We left our hotel in Georgetown and traveled though the city by cab. The drive was very surreal. We saw cows standing next to pumps at a gas station. We crossed the worlds longest floating bridge, which seemed to be metal plates not joined together in any particular way, held up by various floating debris. At one point we drove along the dykes that separate the ocean from the city. Apparently the Dutch only like to make settlements below sea level. We also saw farmers drying their rice on the shoulder of the road.

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Kaieteur Falls, Guyana

04 May 2008

Photography by Eric Scott and Marcy Milks

We left Shanklands eco-resort and traveled up the Essequibo river by boat. We arrived at an incredibly small airstrip. Our boat captain dropped us off and then sped away. One thing about traveling in Guyana is that the people are not very forth coming with information on itineraries. Although we had no problems, being dropped off at a jungle airstrip where the only structure is basically a bus stop with a windsock on top can be a little disconcerting. We waited a little while until an incredibly small plane arrived.

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