South Pacific Posts

New Zealand

01 Sep 2011

Photograph by Eric Scott

New Zealand was one of the more bizarre experiences of our lives. Marcy and I moved to Wellington, which is the most Southern city on the North island, as well as the capitol, in January of 2009. We had made a reconnaissance trip a few months earlier in November of 2008, and Marcy was able to secure a job, so with the financial unpleasantness looming at the time in the states, we decided to pack up an head for greener pastures. Over the following two years we discovered that the pastures weren’t that much greener and challenged many of our conceived notions about life and ourselves.

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FiveSevenOne is on the Move Again

05 Feb 2011

Photograph by Marcy Milks

FiveSevenOne will be shifting our home base in less than a month to beautiful Nice, France and then shortly after to Paris. Yes we are leaving the peacefulness of New Zealand behind to jump into the hustle and bustle of city life once more. Here are some parting shots of one of our favorite spots on the North Island.

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New Caledonia

03 Jan 2010

Photography by Eric Scott and Marcy Milks

A striking characteristic to our recent trip to New Caledonia is my lack of reflection. The ease and health of the place and people has a surface beauty that may not be so superficial. It’s really hard to tell in a 10 day visit, but everything about the island lent to an immediate state of well being. Dealing with a lack of adversity has never sat well with me psychologically, but in this instance it seemed very natural. Maybe I am just getting old or maybe we were in the presence of a better way of life.

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Moody’s Namena, Fiji

24 Apr 2008

Photograph by Eric Scott

Moody’s Namena is a one-resort island, owned and operated by Tom and Joan Moody. The resort consists of six bures that sit a top the islands cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Each bure or Fijian cottage is an hexagon with double doors on three walls that lead onto a wrap around porch. So, whether you are on the deck or laying in your king size bed you always have a fantastic view, and at night you have the ocean waves to lull you to sleep.

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