Backpacking the Wire Pass, Buckskin Gulch and Paria Canyon

My trip started at 7:00 pm in NYC. I boarded a plane for Salt Lake City that was supposed to arrive around 11:00 pm, but didn’t get in until 1:00 am. Since I was going solo and the route I was taking is a one-way trip I had to hire a shuttle from the base to the trail head. If you need a ride arrange it before you go. At the end of the article I provided a list of authorized shuttle providers. I had to meet my shuttle at Lee’s Ferry which is about an hour and a half outside Page Arizona, so I picked up my rental car and started the six hour drive. On the way I stopped at the BLM station to pick up my permit. You can get the required permit online at: I finally reached Lee’s Ferry at 9:30 am and started the two hour drive back to the Wire Pass trailhead. This timetable is a little extreme. I recommend spending the night in Page or camping in one of the nearby campgrounds before you start backpacking, rather than traveling for nineteen straight hours.

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Welcome to FiveSevenOne

Photography by Marcy Milks and Eric Scott

Five Seven One was founded by Marcy Milks and Eric Scott. Taking their love for travel and their experience as graphic designers, they decided to share the places they have been, providing a guide for travelers around the world. Stay tuned for lots of images and travel tips. Thank you for visiting.

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